Below are a list of answers to our frequently asked questions.

Can I shop online?

No. We only allow customers to shop in our stores. Please visit our store to discover the latest trends.


What is your return policy?

There are no returns in our store. All sales are final.


What payment policy?

All payments are done within the store. We do not sell online. Payment is accepted Cash, Debit, Visa, Master card. We do not accept American Express.


What is your exact boutique address?

1 Steeles Avenue East
Unit 6
Brampton, Ontario
L6W 4J5


Do you customize orders?

Yes, we customize orders. Please call our customer service at:
(905) 451-0786 or (416) 897-7811

We also specialize custom bridal trousseau.  Please visit us in store. Prior appointments booked are appreciated.


Do you do alterations?

Yes, we do custom alterations. Please contact us for all custom alterations.


Will you be selling matching jewelry and handbags?

Yes, we will launch bags and jewelry in Fall of 2017. Please contact us for more information.


Do you carry Sari’s?

Yes, we will carry ethnic and modern Sari’s. We will introduce ethnic and modern Sari’s before Diwali of 2017.


What sizes do you carry?

We start at size 4 to 18. Beyond these sizes we require custom orders.


What are your hours of operation?

We operate between:

Tuesday – Saturday from 12pm – 9pm EST.
Sunday 12pm – 7pm
Monday Closed